Wednesday, 12 July 2017

How to Combat Tooth Sensitivity

Once you might have tried to take a sip of a drink or food that you like and immediately you feel a sharp pain in your teeth. If this scenario sounds familiar, it means that you have sensitive teeth, whether it’s a hot or cold dish or drink. There are a few factors that trigger this, such as receding gums, teeth whitening, decay, and even genetics. While you should see your Roseburg dentist for a bit of help on how to combat this, this article will talk about a few ways to get rid of this, and how to easily do so.

The first thing to do, is change your toothpaste. Make sure it’s one used for sensitive teeth. It will say so on the label, and if it doesn’t, check for the ingredient potassium nitrate, which is used to help fight tooth sensitivity and stop your pain. Use that, and make sure you use a mouth rinse that has stannous fluoride in it to help desensitize the teeth further.

You should also look at how you brush your teeth. Sure, you might be using materials made for tooth sensitivity, but if you’re brushing wrong it’ll just make it hurt more. Make sure that you’re using a soft-bristled toothbrush, and make sure you’re not putting any force on it or aggressively brushing. If you brush aggressively, you’re going to further damage the enamel, and that will only make your tooth sensitivity worse. You won’t be helping yourself if you do that.

Next, avoid the acidic foods and drinks. These include coffee and citrus fruits. While these might be good for you, they actually will break down the enamel further, which in turn will create tooth sensitivity and make it way worse. you should try to avoid eating these altogether. While it is hard to give up coffee, you should definitely limit the exposure to all of these foods and drinks. If you do have these, make sure you drink through the straw to help limit your contact with it. If you do have these, try to drink a glass of milk or even some water to neutralize the acids and make the pain a lot less too.

Another strange sensitivity solution that you might want to consider is wearing a mouthguard. Sometimes, if your teeth are sensitive because you grind your teeth, it’ll make the problem worse if you don’t take care of the trauma. What you should do, I get a mouth guard, whether it be a custom one, or even one that you can get from the store. The custom ones are a bit more expensive, but they are molded to your smile, which will give you some cushioning and will also protect your teeth from any sort of grinding. If you’re not sure that you grind at night, look at the symptoms, such as a constant, severe headache, an unexplained jaw ache, and even the way your teeth look, especially if they’re worn-down. You should check with your dentist to see if this is something that you should consider and do what you feel is best if necessary.

Finally, speaking of the dentist, you should go see them. If you haven’t, do so right away, and be sure to visit every six months so that you can get a treatment plan that works for you. If it’s due to gum disease or the like, then get a scaling or further treatment as needed. If the causes are genetics and can’t be changed, then you should find out means to help cope with this. Remember, your Roseburg dentist is there to help you, and you’ll definitely want to see them if you continue to suffer from this.

Having pain from your teeth and sharp sensitivity isn’t fun, but by seeing your dentist and trying any of these remedies, you’ll be able to get the best results possible, and help to reduce it. It’s very hard to fully get rid of it, but if you take care of your body and try to ensure that you don’t aggravate it, you’ll be able to feel better, and hopefully limit your pain as a result of these actions.

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